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Back to Middle-earth month

I'm sure most of you have read this before but in case you forgot, us LotR fans are doing B2ME month again!

"Miss the golden days of the Lord of the Rings fandom? Get homesick for Middle-Earth? Then this is for you!

You don't need to sign up anywhere to participate. But if you see this on your friends-page and like the idea, please post this text to your LJ to spread the word.

How to participate:

1. Pick a day of the week (or more than one) on which you resolve to always post something LotR-related in March, and let your friends-list know.

2. Go back and read your favourite chapters from the book, or watch the movies again. Let the beauty of LotR inspire you. And then, share the love.

3. Start your subject line with (B2MEM) when you post, and use a "b2mem" tag. This'll make it easy to spot your B2MEM-entries.

No matter if you just ramble about your undying love for LotR, picspam us, post wallpapers, icons, or write fan fic / create fan art, the plan is to get as many LotR-related entries on our friends-pages as possible throughout March.

Sounds good? We've been there, let's go back again!"

Spam us here at the communities with all the LotR stuff you've got so we can share in the fun!
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Quick Update

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to answer the little meme thing I posted a few weeks back. I am re-reading what you all said and am mulling over whether or not a 'non-LotR' community would be a good thing to add or not (plus I'm unsure of how to change up the tolkiens_realm layout to add another community). :)

Don't forget: There are two contests going on at contests_realm, and we need you to vote for your favorite prompt and fanart! Just by voting you will automatically earn points for your Race. :D I'd also like to thank hothobbit for doing such a wonderful job as Maia over there!

I know things are slow in the communities right now but hopefully they will pick up soon! I am trying to think of ways to get the four exclusive Race communities to be a bit more active.

If you have ANY suggestions, concerns, comments, etc., please post here or email me at Thank you!
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