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Quick Update

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to answer the little meme thing I posted a few weeks back. I am re-reading what you all said and am mulling over whether or not a 'non-LotR' community would be a good thing to add or not (plus I'm unsure of how to change up the tolkiens_realm layout to add another community). :)

Don't forget: There are two contests going on at contests_realm, and we need you to vote for your favorite prompt and fanart! Just by voting you will automatically earn points for your Race. :D I'd also like to thank hothobbit for doing such a wonderful job as Maia over there!

I know things are slow in the communities right now but hopefully they will pick up soon! I am trying to think of ways to get the four exclusive Race communities to be a bit more active.

If you have ANY suggestions, concerns, comments, etc., please post here or email me at Thank you!
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